General information

126designs.net has been registered on October 11th, 2015.

126designs.net whois records

The main IP address of 126designs.net is

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DNS records for 126designs.net

IPv6 addresses (AAAA)

126designs.net has no IPv6 address assigned.

NS records

Domain Nameserver
126designs.net. ns1.systemdns.com.
126designs.net. ns2.systemdns.com.
126designs.net. ns3.systemdns.com.

MX records

Domain Exchange Preference Class TTL
126designs.net. mx.126designs.net.cust.a.hostedemail.com. 0 IN 300

Start of Authority record (SOA)

rname hostmaster.systemdns.com.
retry 3600
mname ns1.systemdns.com.
refresh 10800
minimum 3600
expire 1209600
serial 8675311